Sport is a big business, it drives huge participation numbers, it creates career paths for thousands of athletes and tens of thousands more in administration, venue management, food and beverages, hospitality, hotels, airline travel, and tourism. That’s why one of our major goals is to play an active role to boost the sports sponsorship and to be able to attract successfully sponsors and partner to explore the real benefits from partnership with sport that can be profitable for their businesses.

Sports sponsorship and partnership is the core of the success of most the sporting activities, at the same time sport is the reason for the success of many businesses, take for an example, Nike and how it became into multi-billion dollar company from association with the sport.

Sports partnership and sponsorship has become increasingly important as an effective means of developing the sport and building brands awareness and enhancing a corporate image.

We strongly believe that sponsorship is an investment a company is doing, that why our focus is to support the sponsors to optimize the value of their investments, revenues and cost management starting from the negotiation stage until the end of the event and the evaluation of the outcomes. And that’s why we always try to explore a different way to create real values for our partners and their businesses beyond traditional sponsorship (Cash for logo placement).
  • Marketplace changes constantly – sports association helps you to be different, makes you stand out and make sure your brand keeps up and rise above the noise
  • Sport provides plenty of opportunity for anyone wishing to do business, Sport is a great platform for business; it brings people together, network, build relationships and generates business.
  • For example, many business owners use sport to further their business and political connections. It buys them respect, it gets them access to people in places that they may otherwise not get to and it creates opportunities for politicians and corporations and access new markets
  • Sport wins to gain the brands excellent exposure, for example, Sponsors such as Shell or Petronas get worldwide exposure if Ferrari or Mercedes win the Grand Prix.
  • Have better brand experiences via sport and increase brand loyalty and sales
One way is by better structuring the sponsorship deal and packages with an aim to achieve the right leverage and balance between the sport and sponsors’ investments. That includes our support of our sponsors to be able to optimize the value of their investments, revenues and cost management from negotiation stage to the activation stage
Over last years, we at Sports 2 have worked with different organizations and companies to define sports sponsorship objectives and determine where they fit in the overall marketing mix; because we believe that success in the sports business is all about aligning with the right partners.

On the other hand, we always try to identify and recommend a list of sporting events and activities or develop our own products that create real value and substantial returns for sponsors. At the same time, we assess sponsorship opportunities and create innovative strategies to best utilize the dollars.

Also, we can serve as a liaison between sports properties, corporate sponsors and media partners bring a huge value to all sides of the sponsorship industry. We can guide brands through every aspect of sponsorship, from contract negotiation through to the delivery of the contract rights. Also, we can facilitate the full process of sponsorship/partnership, from agreement negotiation to the activation stage.

At the time, we can represent brands in designing the sponsorship packages and benefits while making educated recommendations and advise the client about the best image building options and opportunities “Building brands through sports”

Sports 2 has developed long-standing relationships with globally and nationally recognized brands across numerous sectors acting to deliver an effective strategy sympathetic to both the talent and sponsor.