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Sports Strategic Planning

For any successful sports activity, it should start with a plan and it is very important to put the plan into the context of business in order for a particular sports activity (event, club, team, sponsorship deal…etc.) to generate real outcomes and value for its stakeholders. and to make it financially and operationally successful.

That’s why, at Sports 2 we believe in the importance of creating successful sport “business” plans and models (on paper) that bring the big-picture mentality to the game and include elements of marketing, operation, and mainly financials that helps

Market Intelligence & Research

In order to back up our business plans, we produce with our partner's independent researchers and reports, plus in-depth analysis of key development across the region and globe to understand the general sports trends and audience patterns across to help the client make the right decision and to break into new grounds.

And with the help of the sports market intelligence which is set to provide the client with a high quality, independent research, and consultancy services in the sports sector, this can help:

Athlete Representation and Talent Development

One of the reasons why we started Sports2 is to be able professionally to support talented athletes; we strongly believe that it is part of our responsibility to support, and structure theme better in order to promote these talents who are highly motivated and committed towards their goals and by teaming up with our partners and sponsors who believe in the same cause.

At Sports 2 we offer representation and sports management service for talented and committed athletes, that takes away the stress, the planning, and the preparation - letting them focus on your personal goals.

Partnership and Sponsorship Management

Sport is a big business, it drives huge participation numbers, it creates career paths for thousands of athletes and tens of thousands more in administration, venue management, food and beverages, hospitality, hotels, airline travel, and tourism.

Sports sponsorship and partnership is the core of the success of most the sporting activities, at the same time sport is the reason for the success of many businesses, take for an example, Nike and how it became into multi-billion dollar company from association with the sport.

Sponsorship Activation

In order to support the sponsors in optimizing the value of their investments, generate healthy returns and help brands achieve positive business results thru the use of creative strategic activation plan.

Therefore, one of our main goals is to be able to build brands through sports and to create a unique relationship between brands and their consumers through sports passions and by using creatives, media, and technology.

PR and Communication

There is no value of sport without the buzz and there is no point to get the best results or to stage major sporting events if no one knows about it, and it is not the news that sells, but rather how is your strategy to stage the news.

That why it is important to have the right communication and PR tools from crafting the right messages and how well you distribute the news to the right media channels.

Creative Services

We strongly believe that image defines the perception, and perception is key to communicating messages effectively, and our aim is to create a relationship between brands and sports using creative services to build best possible image and reach our ultimate goal to build brands thru sport. For example, you can’t afford to have a major event without a good image that reflects the value of your brands and to become the source of inspiration.

Sports Operation Management

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