Sport2 is a sports management company, founded in the UAE to provide unique “supportive” services to the sports community in the UAE & beyond.

Since its start in 2013, Sports 2 has teamed up with number of sport organisations, federations, clubs, brands and athletes, with a mission (an aim) to create real values for our stakeholders and clients in the sport industry by structuring the sport in the context of business (and make entrepreneurial changes) in order to capitalize better the opportunities available in the sport (and to transform sport into economic benefits).

Sports 2 has worked both nationally and internationally with some of the world’s most recognized and prestigious brands and built long-term partnerships with number of sports local and international organizations from different points of the globe and has a powerful international network of experts covering all aspects of sports management.

Our Main Goals are:

Empowering Brands

We are totally convinced that sport is and will be one of the best platform to expose “A” brand and grow businesses, that why one of our goals is to empower the brand thru sport, by successfully promote their services and products and make the brand looks more attractive to its consumers and future customers (“Build brands thru sports”)

Empowering Athletes

One of the reasons why we started Sports2 is to be able professionally to support talented athletes; we strongly believe that it is part of our responsibility to support, and structure theme better in order to promote these talents who are highly motivated and committed towards their goals and by teaming up with our partners and sponsors who believe in the same cause.

Support the organic growth of the sport

Generate better outcomes – winning Structuring Sport:

One of our main goals is to help our clients to structure their sporting activities (sport event, club, team, sponsorship deal) into business context to capitalize better the opportunities offered by sport industry and to make entre Making entrepreneurial changes in the way we commerce the sport and transform it into economic benefits to achieve long-term sustainability and ultimately to support the organic growth of sport in the UAE and Region.

Our Expertise: What we did?

Sports 2 worked on a wide variety of projects; from strategic planning, athletes’ development to operation management and corporate sponsorships and activation. We attend to every detail of each project from start to finish; whether it’s a full-scale racing team development or television production.

Today, Sports 2 is set to provide certain range of services to allow our client to fulfil their on-field potential, raise their public profile, and enabling them to maximize their exposure and financial earnings, in the following domains: planning, creatives, operation management, branding and marketing, PR and communication, sponsorship and partnership management what we call it the Sport Eco System.

Sports2 Strength Points:

  • An independent company based in the UAE with international networks & expertise.
  • Good understanding of the local “Emirati” markets & its’ requirements as well as region
  • Understanding the sports industry with a business approach
  • Good understanding of how to build brands and products using sport
  • Overall management experience from putting strategic business plans to major events.
  • Specialized in solving sports business challenges and creating new opportunities.
  • Work on transparent and clear processes
  • World class presentation
  • Good in Financial and budget preparation
  • Bring together a combination of competencies which create value
  • Attending every detail of each project from start to finish

Our Team

Our team has earned a reputation for understanding the sports industry with a business approach, problem-solving attitude, creative solutions, and execution excellence.

Our Team has wide experience in organizing and managing world-class events over the last years, in different countries, such as Formula 1, World Rally Championship, Cross Country Rallies World Cup, Para Sports, Archery tournaments and much more.